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The Power of the Web

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The power of the web is its ubiquity. It is the web’s superpower, and its omnipresence is what sets it apart from native platforms.~ Brad Frost

I, too, see that one of the web’s strengths is its openness. In the same point of view, I made and developed Applicator to find that sweet spot between websites and web apps and embody it in one WordPress theme.

Someday I might just settle down in the idea that Applicator is really only best for blogs. But we’ll see.

Breathing Color

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We used this technique to serve as indicator that a background image is still loading but removed it for the sake of simplicity.

See the Pen Breathing Color – CSS by Brian Dys Sahagun (@BrianSahagun) on CodePen.

Unsplash Images and WordPress Themes

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Applicator was originally supposed to contain an Unsplash image but was revised due to a restriction on the side of Theme Review team.

Please note that, our decision not to accept Unsplash’s license as meeting our requirements is not solely about whether it meets legal GPL requirements for compatibility. Our assessment as the theme review team is that it does not guarantee the four freedoms of the GPL because it restricts usage and distribution.


Found a Bug? Please Report It

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Thank you for using Applicator. If every you’ve found a bug in layout or functionality, please report it at the Report a Bug page.

Bug in the City

Testing <pre> Tag

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Update (17:56)

preg_replace is the culprit. As you would see in the theme’s source, I’m using HTML_OK (HTML Overkill) to convert an array into HTML markup. I already removed preg_replace and everything’s back to normal (check out the test case below).

Update (12:46)

I tried using OB in Twenty Seventeen theme and it’s working just fine. I have to find the culprit in Applicator.


from below!

If “from below!” is in the same line as “Hello…” then I suspect Output Buffering has something to do with it.

It’s supposed to have 4 line breaks from “Hello…” because it is inside the <pre> tag and I intentionally put those line breaks as formatting.

I’m currently sorting this out in the Make WordPress Core.

Applicator is Mobile-Friendly

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Check it via Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test or visit the site thru a mobile device.

Working on Dolly Cakes WordPress Theme

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Currently working on Dolly Cakes WordPress Theme–child theme of Applicator.

See it live in this website: Dollhouse Diary!


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Please bear with me as I am updating Applicator every now and then.

Consider it in Beta stage.


Testing Gutenberg Plugin

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Oops, haven’t read that it’s meant for development and not real sites that’s why publishing fails.