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Working on Dolly Cakes WordPress Theme

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Currently working on Dolly Cakes WordPress Theme–child theme of Applicator.

See it live in this website: Dollhouse Diary!


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Please bear with me as I am updating Applicator every now and then.

Consider it in Beta stage.


Testing Gutenberg Plugin

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Oops, haven’t read that it’s meant for development and not real sites that’s why publishing fails.


The Three Levels of CSS Variables

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This is a framework for using CSS Variables in web projects.

  1. Absolutes
  2. Generics
  3. Specifics

Information Architecture Properties

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Here is a list of the generic and specific properties in Information Architecture (IA) of Applicator.

Mapping Out WordPress Image Alignments

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We all know that image alignments in WordPress is far from being straightforward. There are plain images that will be wrapped in <p> tags, there are images with texts beside it, there are images wrapped in <figure> tags, and so on. Not to mention mistakes done in formatting the content – just look at the current WordPress Theme Unit Test Data wherein an image is wrapped in <strong> tag.

We’ll attempt to map out all the possible combinations of image alignments in WordPress. With the help of CodePen, we will demo the markup generated by WordPress.